Much-anticipated full length delivers soporific thrills...
'Lonely Planet'

A full-length from Tornado Wallace has been in the pipeline longer than we thought. The producer, who splits his time between Melbourne and Berlin, made a big impact with acclaimed EPs and singles for several illustrious imprints. But, unbeknownst to most, for the past four years he’s also been working on an album. This is particularly surprising as the seven tracks on ‘Lonely Planet’ are markedly different from the records Wallace was releasing during this period.

Ever present are the driving rhythms and smooth sonics but — unlike his earlier releases — this is not built with dancefloor in mind, or not at the forefront at least. ‘Voices’, for instance, is dripping with ‘80s euphoria and warm textured sonics. It’s still recognisably Wallace but a bit more up close and personal. Album closer ‘Healing Feeling’ is deliciously soporific, leaving you in a kind of stupor as the record plays out. Even at his most upbeat, like on the track ‘Today’ with it’s distinctly Prince-esque drum track and odd but infectious chorus from Sui Zhen, ‘Lonely Planet’ exists in a hazy memory of a dance rather than in the moment itself.

The fact that Wallace has been holding back these deeper album cuts until now, shows his nuanced understanding of creating the right mood for the right scenario. Looking back at his earlier releases, with this in mind it’s even more apparent how well considered his output has always been. With this new album Wallace proves himself as a complex and multifaceted producer and this makes us even more excited to see what he’ll come out with next. Who knows — he might already have it in the pipeline.


Words: Jack Dolan

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