"...another triumph of noise pop mastery."

Slightly higher fidelity means slightly higher coherence, and on Times New Viking's latest album it's now almost possible to make out a few reflective musings, such as “as the night grows darker, ideas will never stay”.

The band are scared of growing old and losing their anarchic creativity and relevance, or of running out of inspiration; not that either of these tragedies are likely to occur any time soon. Born Again Revisited is perhaps the band's most accessible album to date, with an embarrassingly extensive range of musical styles and pop melodies on offer, crammed into just over half an hour of play time.

There's angry punk chanting (“I Smell Bubblegum”), clanky call and response repetition (“Born Again Revisited”), even whimsical storytelling (“Those Days”), all delivered with typical don't-give-a-fuck swagger and abandon, making Born Again Revisited another triumph of noise pop mastery.


Words by Steven Garrard

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