Throwing Snow – Embers

A stunning album with a neat, natural feel...

Houndstooth have a pretty stellar history of putting out LPs (Akkord or Guy Andrew’s efforts are good starting points) and ‘Embers’ proves a fine addition to the catalogue.

Similarly to labelmates Akkord, Throwing Snow claims to “draw stimulus from laws and patterns of the natural world.” It’s a statement we’re happy to believe, as the record plots a gorgeous curve from open to close, with earthy drum rolls rubbing up against rusty industrial buzzsaw synths and field recordings serving as segues.

There’s a neat natural cycle to it too, with the album’s beginning and end picking from the same palette to allow it to repeat endlessly without interruption. A phoenix, as it were, rising from its own ashes — or embers, even.

Three years in the making, and with a vinyl edition designed to adopt the album’s infinite loop, it’s difficult not to gush at the dedication. It’s records like this that put paid to the argument that electronic music doesn’t transfer well to the album format.


Words: Will Pritchard

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