An intriguing work.

An investigation into the inner workings of the Motion Picture Association of America’s ratings board might not sound like the most enthralling of films, but Kirby Dick’s study is infused with enough humour and irreverence to appeal to a wider audience.

What we learn is that the MPAA is totally unaccountable for its ruling, its board is anonymous and that it tends to be biased against independent film and depictions of deviant sex (well, anything stranger than heterosexual, missionary position captured in soft-focus). Matt Stone, John Walters, Kevin Smith and Kimberly Pierce are amongst the contributors who offer fascinating tales of battling the association.

Dick, best known for his study of cystic fibrosis sufferer and extreme masochist Bob Flanagan, balances the film’s innate seriousness with the employment of private investigations team to unveil who dictates such ratings. It’s close to redundant as an investigative process, but it adds a sense of fun to an intriguing work.

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