An intriguing, if muddled, mash
The Woe Betides - Never Sleep

It’s always a tad unnerving when singles are the best tracks on an album. Take current promo tease, ‘This Head, This Heart’; it’s a corker, quirky enough to be interesting while allowing singer Simon Mastrantone to wallow in self-loathing.

On standout track (and previous single, obviously) ‘Sylvia’, Mastrantone exhorts “Sylvia you’re a terrible person / But I’ll never love anyone else,” sounding like Weezer with impeccable taste.

Elsewhere, much of the London trio’s debut is an intriguing, if muddled, mash-up of grunge, pop and squidgy electronica. If only ‘Never Sleep’ was more than the sum of its parts.


Words by John Freeman



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