The Walkmen

A favourable direction for the New York drifters

You & Me marks a definitive change in the direction of the Walkmen.

It lacks the hard, face slapping boldness of their previous work and instead decides to lure the listener. Many Walkmen albums have been previously haunted by the absolute velocity of their singles forcing remaining tracks to seem stale and lifeless. On the contrary, ‘You & Me’ is a complete piece of work.

From the sulking patter of ‘Donde Esta La Playa’ through to the thunderous drums of ‘Postcards From Tiny Islands’ and ‘Four Provinces’. The latter two tracks highlight the invaluable talent of drummer Matt Barrick and his contribution to the bands success. Further difference in their style is the prominence of lyrics in both ‘Red Moon’ and ‘The Blue Route’, which both divulge in tales of all things lost, whether it be lovers or youth.

This is not trademark Walkmen, but its quality in composition has assured it as a favourable direction for the New York drifters.

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