Hideously bloated double LP that forgets to pack any worthwhile ideas...
The Vines - Wicked Nature

The Vines: ’00s also-rans that started as a Nirvana tribute band and ultimately failed because they never ever amounted to anything more.

The Aussies now return with a hideously bloated double LP that rehashes and repackages all of the most tried-and-tested rock formulae of the new millennium.

This LP is hopelessly devoid of ideas. On track ‘Psychomatic’, frontman Craig Nicholls and company throw every rock ‘n’ roll cliché from the past two decades into the mixer and ‘spice it up’ with drink and drugs references.

Perhaps, it’d be possible to enjoy ‘Wicked Nature’ on enough narcotics and alcohol – but it wouldn't be worth the trip to the morgue the day after.


Words: Benji Taylor

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