A release from the real world

'Moonwink' is stuffed with exhuberance, mini-dramatics and melodies that sound like they are smiling at you.

Spinto Band actually compiled this in a studio surrounded by grass green enough to make envy blush. Roald Dahl sat on production duties as little lambs hurdled over their instruments and everyone bore a permanent smile. If they didn't, it sounds like they did. Song titles like 'The Cats Pyjamas', 'They All Laughed' and 'Pumpkins and Paisley' indicate a band that don't intend to wax lyrical about the downfalls of modern society and corrupt politics.

Instead, Spinto Band offer a release from the real world. They happily guide the listener through a collection of sun-kissed harmonies like 'Vivian Don't' and 'Needlepoint', delivered with an air of whimsical cheer. New single 'Summer Grof' is as distressed as you will hear this six piece get as they recite a heart-felt tale of loss.

'Moonwink' is actually the sixth album from these songwriting veterans, however their successes were all somewhat overshadowed by the buoyant popularity of 'Nice and Nicely Done'. This follow-up record indicates the consistency of a band with limitless enthusiasm for their music. 'Moonwink' is a cosy little corner, definitely worth visiting.


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