The Metros – Education Pt.2

We don't need no....

Peckham’s finest The Metros release their debut single ‘Education Pt.2’ on 1965 Records this week.

‘Education Pt.2’? What happened to part one? Well it doesn’t matter as good things come to those who wait as this blast of indie attitude displays. Coming good on their early promise (including an appearance at Clash Club you can witness HERE) the boys brew up a tale of teenage frustrations, the torture of school and terrace chants.

So, the next contenders as voice of ‘the kids’, well yes but these guys are all teenagers themselves (which makes a difference) and have the tunes to back up their stroppy tales. Produced by Ian Dury’s son, Baxter, a fact that makes clear the connection to those earlier ‘London’ bands like Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Squeeze and, previous kid’s favourites, Madness.
Signed to 1965 Records and signed up by the man who discovered The View, James Endeacott, it looks like we’ve got another teenage talent riot on our hands….good stuff!

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