A charming guitar pop debut...
'The Magic Gang'

The Magic Gang’s highly anticipated debut follows those charming EPs, and those helplessly endearing live shows across the land. Taking their time, the hopeless romantics have shaped and perfected their musical signature before venturing into the album format. Following a string of releases, the Magic Gang manifesto takes their distinct 60s sunshine sound to new, refined, heights.

Opening banger, ‘Oh Saki’ shows off more of a ballsy composition for the Brighton quartet. The slapping bass align greatly with the glittering guitar-hooks, proving a crisp contrast to the luscious vocal track. The Magic Gang’s approach seems refreshingly uncynical, it’s a release that allows for sensitivity.

The innate joy that their music awakes is perhaps also the reason for the band’s ever-growing following. Though a lot of their lyrics is shaped by some level of self-deprecation, The Magic Gang still inhabit the charisma and depth to pull it off, often contracted with the most joyous of hooks. Having enough EP material for more than a full-length record, it’s a pleasure to hear the new incarnations of older tunes, blessed with a sharper, more streamlined production.

Their old school approach gives even the mellow moments a tint of optimism. ‘Slippin’s heartache comes with a bitter-sweet aftertaste, and timeless piano ballad ‘Take Care’ still holds on to those warm vocal harmonies. The album showcase the variety of The Magic Gang’s musical spectre, whilst keeping their idiosyncrasies intact.

Closing with golden oldie, ‘All That I Want Is You’ The Magic Gang’s debut is all you could wish for. You almost hope they never quite figure out their romance trouble. Though it’s been a long time coming, The Magic Gang is still an ambitious release, that offers hopefulness and heartbreak in a 60s tinged wrapping.


Words: Aurora Henni Krogh

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