Ten tracks of post acid house guitaring

Comprising singing drummer Stuart Ogilvie, bassist John Fearon and guitarist Lee Gale, The Longcut formed while at the University of Manchester and soon began toying with the notions of what a guitar band should be.

Initially an instrumental act, the early purchase of a drum machine and the subsequent discovery of the joys of programmed beats allowed Ogilvie to move to singing and add what has been described as a “guttural, shamanic yell” to The Longcut’s sound. They have been building a steady following in their home city and deliberately stayed out of the limelight until their debut was completed. So here it is: ten tracks of post acid house guitaring, delicately layered yet angry with it, which shows an intensity not often heard on a debut release. Their time spent laying the groundwork, playing countless gigs and building a reputation has been returned in spades.

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