Some high points, but seems to lack a little magic...

The Invisible’s key strength has always been their ability to skilfully fuse opposites, forging soundscapes that somehow managed to sound understated yet anthemic on their self-titled debut, and simultaneously introverted and expansive on follow-up ‘Rispah’.

Sadly that magic is often absent on ‘Patience’, which boasts several colourless, uninspired tracks. ‘Save You’ in particular sounds like a phoned-in Hot Chip B-side, though fortunately even the poor tracks are buoyed by singer Dave Okumu’s eerie, downtrodden vocals.

‘Memories’ is the standout here — a slow-burning, melancholic gem crafted from plaintive, reverb-tinged percussion and simple looped synths — that recalls The Invisible at their best.


Words: Benji Taylor

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