Fusion of old world chanson
The Hundred In Hands

The Hundred In The Hands, as those familiar with the band will know them, are a boy-meets-girl fusion of old world chanson deconstructed by the hammer of punk and rekindled in the a house of disco circa the late-’70s. Eleanore Everdell’s airy cooing vocals are the antithesis of the choppy, razor post-punk riffs that her band-mate creates, yet, where it comes together well, The Hundred In Hands manage to create mesmeric tracks of monolithic noise and danceable beat. The album isn’t exactly a ‘hits’ machine, but opener ‘Young Aren’t Young’ and ‘Dressed In Dresden’ give memorable moments and keep The Hundred In Hands' hometown of Brooklyn definitively in the league of cool.


Words by Angela Balakrishnan

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