The Hives – The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons

Swedish garage punks make their return...

In May of this year, The Hives had an urgent announcement to make. Randy Fitzsimmons, the Swedish garage rock veteran’s infamously secretive – and potentially fictitious – founder, had passed on. Or at least that’s how it certainly appeared. A series of demos he had left behind helped formed the basis of the band’s latest, sixth record, the appropriately titled ‘The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons’.   

In truth, the material does a decent enough job of filling the acerbic, punk shaped void left since their decade long absence. ‘Rigor Mortis Radio’ and the sledgehammer riffs of lead single ‘Bogus Operandi’ result in a particularly thrilling racket, if unlikely to convert any new fans, but you sense perhaps, that was never really their intention.  


Words: Luke Winstanley

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