A buoyant return
The Herbaliser - There Were Seven

Jazz funk veterans The Herbaliser cram hip-hop beats, sampling, scratching, electronica, orchestral manoeuvers, Quincy Jonesesque jazz flute vibes (‘Take ‘Em On’) and quite possibly pan pipes and spaceship sirens, into their latest world of sound. Reggae and dub influence mean mellow vibes for the repeatworthy instrumental ‘Welcome To Extravagance’, whereas collaborations with Canadian hip-hoppers Twin Peaks bring a darker tone and retro groove to their tongue-in-cheek featured tracks (‘Crimes And Misdemeanours’ and ‘Danny Glover’). Meanwhile, twentyone-year-old Londoner George the Poet has an eloquent grumble about ‘fake’ rappers in the cynical ‘A Sad State Of Affairs’. Broadly eclectic throughout, it’s a buoyant return.




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