The Goa Express – The Goa Express

A promising debut from the five-piece...

Burnley five-piece The Goa Express has been a rising force on the indie scene for some time a blend of post-punk and indie with infectious grooves, set to win a legion of fans with their debut self-titled album. It’s a tour de force that cements their reputation as an act to watch. 

‘Honey’ is an emphatic statement to kick off the LP, a propulsive riff-heavy track full of energy, a sign that they are not messing around. ‘It’s Never Been Better’ is a poppier track that recalls some of the alternative acts of the 80s and 90s and shows they are more than a one-trick pony. ‘Good Luck Charm’ has a swagger to it, recalling the likes of The Libertines and Strokes but feels contemporary with its wry lyrics about needing to get away and get a holiday. 

This is a fast-paced, occasionally frenetic record that will mark the band out for one to watch on the road in 2024, evidenced by tracks like ‘You’re The Girl’ or ‘Small Talk’. There are hints at different musical directions throughout such as the string into to ‘Can’t Stay Quiet’, which gives way into a rollicking indie number; or ‘Talking About Stuff’ with a gorgeous melodic intro, that exhibits a softer side to the group’s sound. 

Only one of the 10 tracks exceeds the four-minute mark, making this a tight full-on rock ‘n’ roll record with Goa Express certainly setting themselves up as one of the next big things on the UK indie scene. If it recalls acts of yesteryear, the sense of fun and mayhem is still worth diving into and it will be interesting to see what direction the group go in next. This is sure to please Indie fans, with a sense of fun from the outset. 


Words: Christopher Connor

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