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When The Go! Team returned in 2015 with ‘The Scene Between’, an album that was a mostly solitary creation from project mastermind Ian Parton, it seemed that the team part of The Go! Team may have been abandoned. However now with ‘Semicircle’, Parton has invited previous collaborators back into the fold and they are back with an album that plans to capture the spirit of a marching band that has gone rogue…

From the bombastic and brass coated lead single ‘Semicircle Song’, to the tropical steel drums of ‘If There’s Only One Thing You Should Know’, ‘Semicircle’ is an album that’s constantly beaming from ear to ear. The joyous ‘Chain Link Fence’ is full of colour and rich instrumentation, whilst ‘The Answer’s No – Now What’s the Question’ is a syrup covered psych-pop delight.

The comparisons to The Avalanches are still ever-present, with the slapping funk of ‘She’s Got the Guns’ and the scuttling ‘Mayday’ both being album highlights. It’s all incredibly exuberant and every track seems like it’s tailor made for use on an Apple or PlayStation advert.

But by the time closer ‘Getting Back Up’ rolls around, this rhapsodic aesthetic that The Go! Team have created results in a lot of the tracks becoming indistinguishable from each other. ‘Semicircle’s soul and jubilant buoyancy may fill some fans and listeners with uncontrollable ecstasy, but there comes a point where this super sweet facade may become somewhat irksome for others and this is ultimately where ‘Semicircle’s faults lie.

Overall, whilst ‘Semicircle' does contain obvious flaws, this chapter of The Go! Team is here to have a good time and hopes you are too. And who can knock them for that?


Words: Liam Egan

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