An interesting proposition
The Brothers Movement

Now here's an interesting proposition. The Brothers Movement, an Irish quartet made up a pair of brothers and some friends, perform music that list so many influences, describing what they do becomes a fruitless task of mentioning others incessently.

Yet, after half a dozen listens of their self-titled debut, a trait appears here, slowly, that separates this from the rest. In many ways, it is a copycat of a decade of absorption, but in its own right it is a simple pop album, one with songs that have strengths, weaknesses and reasons to feel worthy of a gander. The best here is 'Sister' along with its cousin 'The Salute', while later tracks 'Is God Dead' and 'We Shall Lift Our Heads' sputter slightly, creating an album that does its best work within the first five tracks.

But often songs triumph where albums struggle, so its best to give the first few a go here before moving onto anything more.


Words by Shain Shapiro

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