The Boss of It All

A Lars von Trier comedy? Sure is.

Despite having a staggeringly brilliant body of work behind him, Lars von Trier isn’t a name you’d associate with comedy. The Boss of It All centres on the owner of an IT firm who never had the balls to make tough decisions and subsequently invented a superior who he could blame. Now eager to sell up to a buyer who wants to meet the owner in the flesh, he employs an actor to embody ‘The Boss of It All.’

Lars pops up occasionally for a running commentary, the first of which sees him dismissing the film as comedy fluff. But there’s more thought employed here than in the bulk of comedies; narrative twists and plenty of philosophising about everything from the scriptwriting process to office blandness. Von Trier’s use of the Automavision concept might be typical propaganda that will go unnoticed by the bulk of the audience, but that can’t disguise a truly funny film that ranks amongst his best to date.

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