Teenage Waitress – Your Cuckoo

Taking the Southampton musician to a new level...

Astutely-observed and vivid, Southampton-based musician Daniel Ash aka Teenage Waitress has delivered an assured and confident follow up to his dazzling debut album ‘Love & Chemicals’.

The catchy hooks and mesmerising beats that appeared on his first album remain, but this time there’s a more polished and sophisticated production which replaces the intimate and raw sound of his impressive debut.

A fearless and endearing performer, Daniel’s musicality holds no bounds and he has found new nuances in ‘Your Cuckoo’. Serving up a delectable cacophony of irresistible melodies and eloquent lyrics, there’s real musical alchemy here and he’s weaved in intriguing layers of texture and experimentation which is especially in evidence in ‘Backseat’ with its nebulous guitars and evocative electronica.

Similar to his debut, the album’s eleven tracks are delivered across a collection of short stories. Opening track ‘Baby Blue’ is hypnotising fizzy funk-laden fusion of Prince-esque melodies and teasing, extravagant guitar licks from Michael Bissett (who produced Your Cuckoo) on lead guitar.

The synth-laden ‘Grey Skies’ is an electro-funk, disco-esque groove that is prodigiously rich and assured, showcasing his craftsmanship as a musician. 

Daniel pays homage to the 80s with ‘Girl I Want You To Kill Me’ which with its driving guitars is reminiscent of an early U2 song. The 80s vibe continues with ‘Backseat’ which has the singer-songwriter reminiscing about hanging out with a friend in the back of a car. It’s more experimental and sonically complex than the rest of the tracks and adds an intriguing dimension to the album.

Two particular standouts include the punky surf-rock of ‘Maggie’ which is short but sweet with a real sucker punch of a line ‘I’d write a thousand melodies and sprinkle them with lies’ and ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing’ which sounds like the lovechild of T-Rex and the Small Faces with some harmonicas thrown in for good measure. 

Brilliant, bold and expansive, ‘Your Cuckoo’ is certain to soar Daniel Ash/Teenage Waitress to new heights.


Words: Emma Harrison

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