A commendably immersive experience...
Teebs - E s t a r a

Mtendere Mandowa, better known as Californian producer Teebs, here releases his second studio LP for the Flying Lotus-helmed Brainfeeder label. And it’s a pretty remarkable one, too.

‘E s t a r a’ arrives meticulously created and layered beautifully, so that each individual element gets lost as part of a vast, sonic landscape. Unlike his 2010 debut ‘Ardour’ – made over the space of two years, during which time his father passed away – this album was crafted amid relative calm, and this peacefulness is present in every track.

It’s there in the sparkling chimes and rolling drums in ‘Shoouss Lullaby’, through to the deep, fuzzy, church-like organ sound in ‘SOTM’. Elsewhere, ‘Piano Months’ features almost aquatic instrumentation. The results comprise a commendably immersive experience.


Words: Daisy Jones

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