Futures Tent, Saturday

There’s a mist of tension and fever in the air.

Doors are being barricaded, panic-stricken security are wading through the mass swarm of ‘Vegas devotees (at one point seen refusing entry to one of Scotland’s leading music presenters), a main-stage exodus headed straight for the minor surrounds of the Futures Stage.

The reason for all the heightened skirmishes lies in Scotlands, nay, Britain’s best new band being billed so early. As Glasvegas enter to a roar that suggests they should possibly have swapped places with The Fratellis on the bill, its clear they are now unstoppable.

A sea of feedback and red lighting floods the tent, before ‘Flowers & Football Tops’ is unleashed on a crammed yet hysterical tent. By the time ‘Geraldine’ lands, the set feels more like a celebration, a victorious set that cements their future as one of Scotlands best. As the low-slung bass rumbles of ‘Daddy’s Gone’ fade out a mere thirty-five minutes into their set, they down instuments having showcased 2008’s best debut live, leaving the crowd’s craniums swirling in waves of feedback and terrace-built, Spector-indebted melodies.

What happens in Vegas can’t stay there, its just too good for that.


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