Doesn’t disappoint
Surkin - USA

In 2006 a sizzling 12” vinyl called ‘Radio Fireworks’ from a mysterious noun called Surkin launched a love affair. Nearly six years later, and after his home label Institubes went bust, we finally get our hands on his album; and ‘USA’ doesn’t disappoint. Even though it’s almost a cover versions album distilled through the soles of ravers.

Thirteen warm dance hooks nod all the way back to the gleaming ’80s referencing most of the Detroit masters, electro funk, even the chrome ghetto house synth workouts of Underground Resistance, then down to Miami to flirt with Dr. Beat on the beach. However, to be fair, Benoit Heitz’s filtering of the dance canon has been squeezed through his own French touche, thus plucking ‘USA’ from trashy and imitative to an enjoyable rumble through America’s concrete jungle.

Early enlisting of the vocal help of Ann Saunderson (Inner City, Octave One) further propels the retroactive raving forwards, ‘Silver Island’ is smeared with the fingerprints of Juan Atkins’ Model 500 electro funk, ‘White Knight Two’ couldn’t be any MORE a homage to ‘Inner City’, whereas ‘Fan Out’ is a delight as we imagine Daft Punk jamming with Miami Sound Machine. Imagine those sweaty helmets.

Barring a couple of overegged, permed house monsters ‘USA’ is pretty solid, so grab your sneakers and rave it all the way back to the future. ‘USA’ can sear and splinter but it will also make Duck Sauce sound like turkeys.



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