Supreme Beings of Leisure – 11i

Supremely Chilled

Supreme Beings Of Leisure are two natives of Los Angeles, Geri Soriano-Lightwood and Ramin Sakurai, who return after five years with their third album, the numerology influenced ’11i’. Those five years were taken up with all that boring day to day living stuff (kids, marriage, death) and saw the duo live up to their name in grand style.

Singer Soriano-Lightwood and multi instrumentalist/programmer Sakurai return in fine style, easily justifying that time off (talent is worth waiting for and all that). For those unaccustomed with the band’s sound, they trade in laidback, atmospheric grooves topped with Soriano-Lightwood’s smoldering voice. Kind of a ‘Mezzanine’ era Massive Attack with a more cohesive and slightly less fractured vision. The ever constant danger in this field is making things a little bit too easy listening but SBOL add just enough grit to the mix, which along with the song structure bias results in a rewarding and engaging listen. Just don’t take 5 years on the next one. I’m hooked.

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