Pop culture overload translated into pop song heaven...

When your first track is hyped up so much as Superorganism’s ‘Something for your M.I.N.D’ was last year, the debut album has got to reach the mark. And this one does – kind of.

Is it confusing? Is it full of musical genius? Is it nouveau? Is it nostalgic? Yes to all of this.

All-but-one of this eight piece live together in a house in East London, where they pass tracks via email, between rooms, building and building upon the foundations with layers and layers of videogame tones, crashing shores, electronically modified frog croaks and rounds of applause, as shown in the ebbs and flows of ‘Nai’s March’.

They question obsession with celebrity culture in ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’ – “Everybody wants, nobody’s ashamed, everybody wants you to know their name.” With messages about pop culture intertwined into their pop music, Superorganism have created a collection of creative comment on the world around ‘em.

Nearing the end of the album, ‘The Prawn Song’ is either the most genius song, or one of the weirdest, depending on what message you take from it. But perhaps it’s the weirdness of imagining life as a prawn that is the most endearing point in this album. “You do you, I'll do me / Chillin' at the bottom of the sea and I say... / I'm happy just being a prawn.”

“Wake up wake up wake up,” whispers singer Orono Noguchi in the opening of ‘Night Time’, the last track on Superorganism’s self-titled LP. And that’s exactly what this album will make you do. Open your eyes, refresh your senses and make you woke into a whole synth pop paradise of cola cans being cracked and poured, hushed tones and – you know those sticks that make the noise when you flip them – something like that too.

The disorientating utopian ride you take when listening to this album in full will no doubt bring you glee, and maybe some weird dreams if you think about being a prawn too much.


Words: Eliza Frost

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