An assured comeback that fuses growing maturity with youthful idiosyncrasy...
'Twentytwo In Blue'

Witnessing the progression of Sunflower Bean is like watching the most transcendent coming of age story. Their sophomore record 'Twentytwo In Blue' carries such a tangible sense of progression, yet it still simultaneously enhance those Sunflower Bean idiosyncrasies that we’ve come to love.

The trio’s dynamic is more vibrant than ever with every element standing as its own in the soundscape, and rightfully so. From the steady rock and roll drums to Julia Cumming’s vibrant vocals, the composition showcase the band’s abilities to their full extent.

The release certainly bear witness of coming together in the post-truth era. Whilst tracks like ‘Crisis Fest’ clearly illustrates the more dystopian traits of our time, there is a beaming hope present throughout the record. With current affairs so gracefully laced into the lyrics, the nostalgia of their melodies makes for an interesting contrast.

The Brooklyn group are getting a message across for sure, and yet the album is just as much of an ode to this specific time in their lives, as manifested by the album title. Their sound can at times feel almost alienating, and yet immersive songs such as ethereal ‘Only A Moment’ and ‘Oh No Bye Bye’ drag you right back in.

From the pulsating glam rock strides to simplistic solitudethe trio possess an aloof coolness. With Faber’s percussion and Kivlen’s guitar bouncing off each other through the folk-rock anthems and neo-psychedelic rockers, Sunflower Bean’s stand as a guitar band stays intact.

In leaving the mythical landscape of adolescence behind, Sunflower Bean have found a maturity and a balance between lyrics and melody that infatuates. Though they sometimes still miss, 'Twentytwo In Blue' stakes out the loss of innocence that comes with growing up, and it does it beautifully.


Words: Aurora Henni Krogh

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