Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

An all-encompassing ode to youth...

Acting as the figureheads for an emerging scene of intelligent indie, Sundara Karma’s debut is a rip-roaring voyage of exploration and an all-encompassing ode to youth. Yet, scratch a little deeper than the surface and religious influences laced through tracks like ‘Be Nobody’ and references to Plato on ‘Flame’ quickly become apparent.

More feverish cuts like ‘Loveblood’ and ‘She Said’ hit the hardest with effervescent guitars and palpable percussion, but the ethereal streak that can never quite escape this transcendent quartet seeps through on ‘The Night’.

Uplifting ‘Olympia’ showcases Oscar Pollock’s impressive vocal prowess as he questions, “Is Heaven such a fine thing?” It’s an eloquence in lyricism that’s replicated throughout the record, provoking profound thoughts as well as disco dance moves. Youth is full of uncertainty, but one thing’s for sure: this four-piece have an impressive body of work to share with you.


Words: Shannon Cotton

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