Summer Walker – Still Over It

A chilled out, romantic R&B album that serves up Summer Walker’s best work yet...

As the twenty-track production begins, it’s clear to the imagination that this is going to be something special. As the romantic R&B vibes kick in, this writer immediately falls in love with ‘No Love’ featuring SZA. The soft, yet addictive vocals on this beautifully put together track allows for both artists to swim in harmony with each other. It’s simply magnificent.

As the personal lyricism kicks in and head starts bobbing away, one thing is apparent throughout the body of work. Whether it be ‘Circus’, ‘No Love’ or ‘Unloyal’, each track is sown with deeply personal aspects of Summer Walker’s life. Discussions of if a man lost interest in her because of her body, mentality or fame are a tug at the heart as the listeners can really feel for the talented artist in the different tracks. Apart from the fame part, many readers and listeners can fully relate to it.

That is what makes this album one of her best yet. The relatability that also throws in fun and home truths. ‘Unloyal’ features Ari Lennox who is more than happy to show what happens if you hurt or disappoint her with lyrics that cut to the core of any hurt and pain.

Tracks such as ‘Closure’ and ‘Broken Promises’ are prime examples of how good Summer Walker is on her own. The silky vocals mixed with clean-cut production is just perfect for any listener who needs to get into their feelings.

As the evening comes to a close for this writer, this album serves up Summer Walker’s best work yet. It’s brutal, yet romantic, it’s fun, yet flirty, it’s everything any listener could be wanting. A rollercoaster of emotions and she’s not even finished yet.


Words: Josh Abraham 

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