A film to chew on and debate

It’s not every day that a home alarm specialist shags a glamorous older client, runs over a moose and takes a savage beating from the world’s most psychotic country bumpkins but that’s exactly happens to Adam (Danny Dyer) in Straightheads.

With his companion Alice (Gillian Anderson) suffering a brutal rape from the one of the gang members, the duo hatch a plan of revenge. Sure, Straightheads sounds like a cerebrally challenged Irreversible but, unlike most works of a similar theme, Dan Reed’s film proves that revenge isn’t easy and is most definitely not sweet. Aside from a few massively misjudged moments (most prominently the irony of the moose recovering as Adam and Alice come to after their attack), Straightheads is an engrossing experience as the sheer extremity of their vengeance and its accompanying issue of morality will provoke discussion. For these reasons it’s a must see; a film to chew on and debate, but not one to savour over time.

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