Just what do you do in the wee hours...?
Steven Tang - Disconnect To Connect

Proclaiming a record to be ‘night music’ can be fraught with difficulties. The hours of darkness, from sunset to sunrise, mean different things to different people, from all-out hedonism to unbearable loneliness, not forgetting hours of blissful slumber.

However, Disconnect To Connect, Chicago DJ Steven Tang’s first album proper, seems crafted specifically for the small hours, whatever they mean to you. It’s faintly woozy and contains warm synths, perfect for a disorienting twilight or post-night out comedown.

It contains enough deep house influences, and a smattering of rave beats in case you want to squeeze the last drops of joyous escapism out of your evening. However, it’s also soothing, meaning it rewards late-night solo listening. In short, it’s the record for whatever 3am brings you.

Unfortunately, the fact Disconnect To Connect snatches at moods rather than fully commits to tangible emotions means it can drift into the background on occasion. Add this to the fact that the tracks are all considerably longer than average, and you have a record that struggles to hold your attention span for its whole length.

Perhaps it’s the perfect soundtrack to a good night’s sleep after all.


Words: Joe Rivers

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