Showcasing a clear desire to tinker with the formula...
Spoon - They Want My Soul

Following 2010’s frenetic ‘Transference’, Texan purveyors of soul-flecked indie Spoon return with a slightly heavier, slightly louder spin on their sound.

The band’s dependable grasp of instantly joyous hooks still shows no sign of deserting them, and Britt Daniel’s raspy voice continues to marshal the tight groove at their core.

However, there is a clear desire to tinker with the formula on this eighth outing. ‘Knock Knock Knock’ appears to be slowly deconstructing itself from the inside, while ‘Rent I Pay’ swaggers about atop a thumping beat and distorted guitars. 

Only ‘I Just Don’t Understand’ hits a truly bum note, sounding eerily like Beady Eye


Words: Gareth James

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