Spacey Jane – Here Comes Everybody

A sunshine-filled return...

Australian indie-pop quartet Spacey Jane have shared their sophomore LP ‘Here Comes Everybody’. 

Considering the success of their 2020 debut record ‘Sunlight’, fans of the Aussie foursome were likely expecting another slice of sunshine, and this record certainly meets those expectations. 

Album opener ‘Sitting Up’ showcases the bands distinct surf-indie rock sound, highlighted by frontman Caleb Harper’s velvet vocal and introspective lyricism. 

Harper’s lyricism throughout the record accounts personal experiences of grappling with anxiety, with ‘Sitting Up’ being an honest reflection of navigating uncertainty and keeping up facades. 

The theme of steering through life and wrestling with inner turmoil seems to be displayed throughout the record’s 12 tracks. Yet the music is energetic, with most tracks driven by upbeat wiry guitars and indie-pop charisma.

The following tracks complement one another, with second track ‘Lunchtime’ arriving with an instant flurry of sugary indie-pop which maintains its way through the following tracks, including fifth track, and an album highlight, ‘Hardlight’; another tune that showcases a level of honesty with its lyrics whilst still sounding like summer.

The second half of ‘Here Comes Everybody’ gives a slight shift in mood, with track number eight ‘Not What You Paid For’ offering a slow tempo burst of melancholy with lyrics to match. Neighbouring track ‘Haircut’ begins in similar tone, wistful and pensive before rising into a louder, more spirited tune.

Album finisher ‘Pulling Through’, again feels somewhat melancholic yet offers listeners a place of peace. Harpers voice is beautifully complimented by bassist Peppa Lane’s backing vocals, leaving listeners in a state of tranquillity.

‘Here Comes Everybody’ feels like a development from Spacey Jane’s acclaimed debut, yet its still just as gratifying.  


Words: Isabella Miller

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