A raw, nocturnal and very northern record

Glasgow retro-rockers Sons And Daughters have made a coup. Cunningly recruiting the Caledonian retro rave fanatic that is Optimo’s JD Twitch as their producer, they’ve delivered an undisputed career high. Scott, Adele and co. liked to keep things stripped back. But Twitch has insisted on sixteen track recordings before seeping in vintage synths to weave a folio of atmosphere that perfectly completes their sonic.

From the brooding opener of ‘Silver Spell’ they stride out of the shadows of the punky distortion found on second album ‘The Gift’. Their music has always been menacing but now it’s finally fully sleazy as well. ‘Breaking Fun’, ‘Orion’ and ‘Rose Red’ are swirling, narcotic, urgent and claustrophobic tales where Adele toys with inner demons and flirts with the occult. Every Weegie band worth their salt has lost their minds on the dance floor of Sunday night’s Optimo - soaking up the history of filthy underground music - and you can feel the spirit of Squeeze, Joy Division, Liquid Liquid and Sparks flying out of S&D’s pleading hearts.

The pace and album architecture also bequeaths exceptional impact to ‘Mirror Mirror’. It’s unrelenting in its thirst for air. Only at the end are we cleansed as ‘The Beach’ tops and tails a new-wave explosion with a sample of Glasgow’s perma-drizzle, a song that sounds like they’ve abducted The Cure to go jam at an after-party down the road in Finnieston. ‘Mirror Mirror’ is a raw, nocturnal and very northern record, and one that’s nailed its bleeding, hedonistic colours high up the musical mast.



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