Songer – The Price Of Therapy

Reading rapper proves he's so much more than viral hype...

Armoured with raw authenticity and unrivalled lyricism Songer is an artist who champions integrity and staying true to his artistry. Pushing aside cheat codes to commercial success, the Reading-hailing artist has never stopped to question his purpose, making music purely for those who appreciate the art form and his benefit therapeutically. Sharpening his masterful penmanship, Songer has paved a lane of his own leaving supporters reiterating his “underrated” status, up until recently when he found himself charting with his viral freestyle ‘Toxic’. Boasting an extensive catalogue that promotes lyrical substance, his unapologetic outlook and vulnerability has created a durable bond with a cult-like fan base. Following his viral stint, Songer has returned with arguably one of his best projects to date, ‘The Price of Therapy’. 

Following on from his previous album ‘SKALA’ which gained momentous support online, ‘The Price of Therapy’ details the intricacies that come with sharing intimate stories publicly through music. Walking a tightrope that on one hand is a form of therapy for Songer, can sometimes display its flaws. As an artist who’s still evolving and becoming accustomed to this new way of life, ‘The Price of Therapy’ is an honest account of where Songer’s currently at. Continuing to integrate his genre-bending sound, creating memorable moments all whilst baring all lyrically, this body of work represents a key change in his life and acts as a point of reflection in years to come.

Swift to remind listeners that he’s “not a viral f*cking TikTok” in the opening track ‘Thought Park’, that “Toxic” isn’t a portrayal of his overall sound, but merely a taste of what he’s capable of. We journey through an abundance of tracks that each vary in genre, equally encapsulating  different elements that make up British music. From the two-stepper ‘Grateful I Met Your Heart’, to the heart-felt ‘Dec 22nd’, and hard-hitting sounds of ‘Beware of The Dog’, Songer could quite literally jump on any beat you give him. Whilst ‘The Price of Therapy’ isn’t something necessarily new or unexpected from Songer, it’s a cohesive body of work that’s been nurtured with precision. Enriched with substance and lyrical prowess, it marks a significant chapter in his career thus far.  

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Words: Elle Evans

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