Re-assuringly eclectic, with some moments of brilliance...
'Brighter Wounds'

Since the release of their 2008 debut album, Son Lux have proved to be a mercurial band that are capable of straddling the thin line between pop and alternative rock. Even beyond this, they have incorporated elements of other musical forms such as alternative hip-hop and even more avant-garde musical styles. On ‘Brighter Wounds,’ this experimentation is both a gift and curse, as some moments of brilliance are let down by less well-executed ideas.

Tracks like ‘Labour’ are excellent, with jittering sonic experimentation anchored by beautiful piano melodies and an excellent performance from vocalist Ryan Lott. Unfortunately the track immediately before, ‘Dream State,’ is Son Lux at their worst, sounding like the lead singer of Keane bashing a keyboard of ill-fitting sounds randomly as he sings. Though hit and miss, ‘Brighter Wounds’ is a solid addition to the group’s catalogue.


Words: Will Rosebury

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