Sofi Tukker – WET TENNIS

A fun, frantic return from the duo...

Dance-pop duo Sofi Tukker are back – and they’re ready to party. Following on from their Grammy-nominated debut ‘Treehouse’, new album ‘WET TENNIS’ yet again embodies the duo’s fierce lust for life. From start to finish, this is an album that is guaranteed to get you moving; from the vibrant EDM breakdowns, to the sprinkling of Latin pop, to the trance-y inflections, this release is tailor-made for a good time.

From the off, ‘WET TENNIS’ immediately asserts itself as a fine-tuned club-ready release. Opening track ‘Kakee’ is a impossibly infectious, transporting you into the thick of the dancefloor. As the surf-tinged riff and pulsing club beat take control, Portugese lyrics flowing freely, it’s clear that you’re in for the night of your life.

Sofi Tukker’s approach to dance-pop is curiously exhilarating, every track an experimental burst of vibrancy. Every track feels distinct, existing in its own woozy, whirling world within the sprawling club that is ‘WET TENNIS’. Mahmut Orhan feature ‘Forgive Me’ hints at Latin pop, while tracks like the exhilirating ‘Larry Bird’ meld together the chaotic, whistle-blowing world of House with bursting steel drums.One of the most exhilirating tracks on ‘WET TENNIS’ is a total patchwork of sounds, and it totally works – ‘Freak’ moves from crazed, intimate whispers into whiplash-quick Portugese vocals and a sturdy bassline. This weaving together of different sounds keeps their tracks feeling fresh, and truly hints at just how exciting dance-pop has the potential of feeling.

The duo's penchant for experimental melding of genres is exemplified on title-track ‘Wet Tennis’; the track drags jazz by the hand and places it in the centre of the dancefloor, weaving a groovy bassline, seductively smooth vocals and a bright burst of brass, resulting in a track that is luxuriously fun. Even the more gentle tracks still capture that sense of fun dancefloor feeling. John Summit feature track ‘Sun Came Up’ is absolutely ethereal; Sophie Hawley-Weld’s gorgeous vocals sounding out over Latin guitars, all before slowly oozing into a sparkling of synths and House breakdown. ‘Original Sin’ takes a similarly gentle approach, simply allowing you to sink in and lose yourself in the sound.

‘WET TENNIS’ is a refreshing collection of totally danceable pop bangers. It feels more ambitious than Sofi Tukker’s debut, resulting in a totally blissful listening experience; fine-tuned to get under your skin, ‘WET TENNIS’ is the absolute embodiment of being out til sunrise and dancing your heart out.


Words: Emily Swingle

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