Soccer Mommy – Sometimes, Forever

A beautiful return marked by intricate introspection...

“What is a dream but a light in the darkness, a lie that you wish would come true?” On ‘newdemo’, Soccer Mommy offers listeners some of her most experimental exploring yet. True to the gentle vocals her fans know and adore, 25-year-old Sophie Allison blends atmospheric string sounds and new wave influences as she enters new sonic territory. From the way she embellishes tracks with tambourines and electronic flourishes, ‘Sometimes, Forever’ is a marker of a completely new era.

On her second single ‘Unholy Affliction’ a darker, more mystical side was teased, her most haunting yet, until we reach the magical ‘Darkness Forever’. Here, the singer’s angelic vocals are placed against an unsettling backdrop. Haunting synths and grungier guitar riffs linger as the songwriter provides intense imagery, alluding to the suicide of Sylvia Plath.

Whilst embarking on a project that can be defined as broadening the borders of her trademark aesthetic, Soccer Mommy pens “I wanna know what's wrong / With all of the ways I am / I'm trying to be someone / That you could love and understand / But I know that I'm not.” Her unsparing lyrics and ability to create addictive melodies have not disappeared. Speaking directly to the most self-deprecating of us, Allison covers the common, everyday anxieties that plague our thoughts. “Bones” proves how the familiar can be amped up just a little more, to create a more expansive, yet comforting sound.

Closing with the intricate and introspective ‘Still’ Soccer Mommy sings, “I don’t know how to feel things small, it’s a tidal wave and nothing at all.” Encapsulating the beauty of Sophie Allison’s art in one line, the acoustic track reflects how ‘Sometimes, Forever’ takes risks, embodies the freeing, ephemeral nature of life, and the joy of following your inner monologue as you follow hers.


Words: Sahar Ghadirian

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