Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror

Snoop Dogg gets nasty

If you ever wanted to see a horror movie from the ‘hood’ this is your chance.

Snoop Dogg makes his horror-debut as the ‘crib keeper’ in this anthology of stories that opens with a cartoon foreward to the action. In it, the main character Devon (Snoop Dogg) is involved in a gang-war car shooting in which his little sister is killed in the cross-fire. Devon is damned to hell but can hold off his entry to the flames by bringing other souls to Satan: thus beginning a gruesome cycle of death.

The trilogy of mini-films feature a graffiti artist tattooed with magic by The Derelict (Danny Trejo), a rap star with a guilty secret and a group of veteran soldiers who take justice into their own hands.

Though not the most thrilling of tales, this film certainly entertains – offering a few laughs and some surprisingly gory effects.

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