Reissue is fun, if not life-altering, stuff
Smudge - Manilow

Smudge’s debut long-player is an appropriately scuzzy, dirty affair. Hailing from Sydney, the band’s main claim to fame was their relationship with Evan Dando - mainman Tom Morgan co-wrote songs for ‘It’s A Shame About Ray’ with the Lemonhead - but there’s plenty of good stuff here.

Short, sharp, snappy songs like ‘Bodyshirt’, ‘Scary Cassettes’ and the title track are messy snapshots of their unpretentious, happy-go-lucky approach to songwriting and slacker attitude. The four seconds of ‘Mr. Coffee Man’ is pointless, but, on the whole, this reissue is fun, if not life-altering, stuff.


Words by Mischa Pearlman

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