A soft-centred third LP from the noise-pop pair...
Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals

Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells’ signature amped-up guitars and electronic beats have taken a poppier twist for ‘Bitter Rivals’, the band’s third studio album. This much is clear from its lead title-track, video below.

But don’t take that to mean a complete dilution of this act’s refined aggression: the guitar still shreds like it used to, but now it comes with a bubble-gum centre, the surface of these tracks dipped in sherbet.

Still doing noise-pop better than their opponents, and using their guerrilla approach to the genre while not adhering to a stylised way of making music, Sleigh Bells might have got a little softer on us, but they haven’t lost their charm.

‘Sugarcane’ and ‘Minnie’ are both scarily infectious, boasting choruses that will be stuck in your head for days. And they’re far from the only examples of their kind on a concise, compact (just 10 tracks long) album that won’t outstay its welcome.


Words: Amanda Arber

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