Definitely one for fans of Jamie T and early Jake Bugg...
'My Own Mess'

Bouncing in indie-pop ballads 'My Own Mess' is the new album of the summer - well, what’s left of it. Trailing from Down Under, Aussie trio Skegss have strung together a set list of 15 garage-rock tunes.

Swirling in surfer-boy aesthetic, heartfelt lyrics and joyous guitar patterns, 'My Own Mess' is far from disheveled. Fourth track ‘Road Trip' offers driving, soft acoustics with a steady bounce of percussion; the indie-folk undertones create for a neutral, almost tranquilising listen.

With a complimentary track title, ‘Road Trip,’ really encapsulates the relaxing feeling of a car journey. Contrasting single, ‘Midnight Eyes,’ places a slightly mellow tone - whilst still guitar driven, this track encompasses smoother sounds, sombre lyrics, and melodic strumming patterns. The perfect ballad for a humble mood.

The beauty of an album with songs just over two minutes long, is the outcome of a longer track list. Sandwiching at the midpoint of the album are, ‘Margarita,’ and, ‘Couch Party.’ Opening with a guitar solo, ‘Margarita’, shakes indie-pop tones, and bounces in fun lyrics: “Might as well make something of it, have a margarita.”

Opposingly, just short from two minutes long, ‘Couch Party,’ is a blistering new wave track, dabbling in hectic guitar thrashes, thudding drum beats and scream like lyrics. Similarly, to, ‘Couch Party,’ the garage-rock tune, ‘Stop,’ loops hard-hitting drums, with rap-rock lyrics.

Track twelve is easily a stand out on the album, with that infectious pattern of contradicting lyrics, as vocalist and lead guitarist Ben Read sings: “All I need to do is drink some coffee, all I need to do is go to sleep.” A playful touch, and a common trick - we’ve seen it in the Nirvana track, ‘Come As You Are,’ as Kurt sings, “Take your time, hurry up.” You know when you hear a song for the first time, and you know, at that point, it’s going to be the only thing you listen to for the next two weeks? Yeah, same.


Words: Laviea Thomas

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