Capture the core of the band
Sigur Ros - Inni

It’s sometimes hard to imagine a time before Sigur Rós’ music was used to soundtrack shots of polar bears and glaciers. The language of swelling strings and staggering drums at the heart of this band’s often remarkable music has become associated with breathtaking sights and jubilant triumphs at the hands of television producers the world over. The hijacking of our responses to this music, as shorthand for emotion, can do it a disservice and numb its effects. With this raw, live document, Sigur Rós aim to remind us all why they caught our attention in the first place.

Shorn of the strings of Amiina, who were added to the sound in 1999, these 2008 recordings capture the core of the band traversing their entire catalogue with a fierce intensity. Singles ‘Hoppípolla’ and ‘Sæglópur’ sound raw and urgent, lacking the sheen of the studio originals but offering something different in this form. Bursts of squawling guitars evoke the heavier feel of Explosions In The Sky and the accompanying DVD is edited to make the experience as claustrophobic and direct as possible. While ‘Heima’ was grand and expansive, this is simply about the songs and the people who make them.

Previously unreleased bonus track ‘Luppalagid’ brings things to a relatively sombre close, but it’s more of a pleasant addition than the main motivation to buy. The beautiful performances captured here, touching on all five studio albums, are more than enough of a reason to seek this out.



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