A pop manifesto from the Norwegian sensation...

Sigrid’s ruthless ambition has taken her right to the top. The Norwegian star won the BBC Sound Of 2018 poll, and set about demolishing the rulebook, releasing bop after bop as she racked up more than 400 million global streams.

But she’s not just about numbers. What’s carried Sigrid so far is her electrifying pop touch, those searing vocals and a lyrical touch that translates the everyday into something truly magical.

Debut album ‘Sucker Punch’ is the perfect encapsulation of this. Opening with the title track – a statement of intent, for sure – it’s all blazing electronics, stadium production, and those pristine vocals, constantly searching, constantly reaching for something new.

Opening at breathless pace, ‘Sucker Punch’ is followed by the deft one-two of the sheer longing that dominates ‘Mine Right Now’ and the unadulterated lust that is ‘Basic’. Having mastered pop’s electronic sheen and twisted into something more personal, ‘Sucker Punch’ also affords space for Sigrid to take further risks.

‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ is all orchestral stabs and slick vocal effects, while the delicate guitar line on ‘Level Up’ pursues one of Sigrid’s most open, emotive performances yet.

Ultimately, though, ‘Sucker Punch’ is dominated by a series of rushing highs, a flurry of absolute serotonin drops that race with energy and neon-drenched colour. ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ remains the bold, mountain-sized pop jewel it was on its first play, while ‘Strangers’ is an exercise in control and release, with those glacial synths giving way to an absolute club banger.

Closing with the classical piano flourishes that pepper ‘Dynamite’, Sigrid’s debut album is a compact, concise display of pop ambition, a finely balanced feat that puts the Norwegian talent’s innate abilities against her desire to stretch, to uncover something new.

A bold, tremulous feat, ‘Sucker Punch’ will leave you floored.


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