Shania Twain – Queen Of Me

Country-pop royalty reclaims her throne...

Five Grammys under her belt and a total of 100 million records soldShania Twain is more than deserving of the title “Queen of Country Pop”.

In the 90s, the Canadian singer songwriter was never not at the top of the charts, with records such as ‘The Woman in Me’ and ‘Come On Over’ quickly rising to number one. Her toe-tapping anthems are still streamed by the millions, with iconic tracks such as ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ and ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman’ still making their way onto the airwaves. Back with her sixth studio full-length offering, ‘Queen of Me’ – her first since 2017 – Twain is once again proving herself to be a master, or the master, of the country-pop genre. 

The record opens with the aptly titled ‘Giddy Up!’, released as the second single last month. It sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album. Arriving energetic and spirited, with lyrics to match, it’s as though she’s here to prove she hasn’t gone anywhere.

Across its twelve tracks, ‘Queen Of Me’ certainly feels like a comeback album, showcasing Twain’s skill both as a singer as a songwriter. Considering strains put on Twain’s vocal, following two open-throat surgeries after her Lyme Disease diagnosis in 2003, her voice has become noticeably huskier, and this heard noticeably on track two, ‘Brand New’. In some ways, this makes it that more special. 

The track feels melancholic in sprit, with lyrics like “I cut you out, when I cut you deep”, accounting perhaps an estranged relationship that has contributed to Twain’s identity as the Brand New her. 

This track is the anomaly, with the rest of the record packed with enthusiasm and spirit, ensuring a feel-good listen, while fifth track ‘Pretty Liar’ bursts with sass and an undeniably groovy bass, oozing with confidence. 

The second half of the record feels like more of a return to Twain’s country roots, with ‘Last Day of Summer’ platforming an animated acoustic guitar alongside wistful lyrics reminiscing on the summer season. 

The title track comes in as the penultimate track on the record. Lyrics that would make anyone feel empowered yet locate the personal journey Twain has been on that have led to this body of moment. Defiant and powerful, Twain sings in the chorus, “cause I’m busy being queen/ queen of me”.  

At 57 years old, a more than successful career in the music industry and an army of fans behind her, Mrs. Twain would well be within her right to hang up her boots, but she has certainly left us wanting more with ‘Queen Of Me’. 


Words: Isabella Miller

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