Bearded buddha of the dustbowl
Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time

From that first appearance on the ‘Later With Jools Holland’ new year show, Seasick Steve has quickly and easily been taken to UK music fans’ hearts.

Returning with this aptly named album, Steve doesn’t have any surprises for us here besides a wealth of new tales delivered in his own idiosyncratic manner. Switching from mournful ballads to itchy panted jive-ers, Steve has the kind of delivery that’d make the telephone book sound good never mind when teamed with his captivating tales of outsider America.

The ballads here perhaps hold the most interest, mining some deep Blues tradition delivered against the starkest of backdrops, slide guitar and banjo, allowing his beatific guard to drop. A lot of Seasick Steve’s appeal comes from this good bloke aura, a bearded Buddha of the dustbowl, drawing in fans who might otherwise run a mile from his basic, grizzled music but there’s no denying the wonderful simplicity yet wholly enveloping of his music.


Words by Nick Annan


Watch an exclusive video as Seasick Steve talks us through the songs on the new album HERE.

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