"...should win him deserved critical acclaim."

Released on the same label as ‘Mom’, his own Chimera Music, John’s youngest ventures into the world of the film score, with this instrumental bedroom-computer-composed piece, created for a low-budget vampire flick.

It’s compelling and intriguing, and showcases Lennon’s musical versatility - fuelled by a DNA that thankfully hasn’t made it’s creative tendencies redundant. Lennon Snr’s chord structures and styling subtly echo on ‘Elsinore Reprise’ in what is the album’s most beautiful and hauntingly powerful track. The score is a huge departure from his brand of pop/rock – heard most recently on his 2006 album 'Friendly Fire' - and should win him deserved critical acclaim.

‘Title Theme’ is reminiscent of the silent movie scores of the 1920s whilst 'Desire', featuring Kool Keith and Miho Hatori is a trippy psychedelic workout; and both encapsulate the record’s variety and brilliance.


Words by David Aaron


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