Summer-laden indie pop from the Glasgow-London duo...

The first sound from 'Run Around The Sun' is a screech and a whine coming from the guitar, a snare being beaten and, prepared for a face ripping riff to explode out of the whine, you are treated to a melodic, measured introduction of complex rhythmic guitar whose themes continue throughout the album.

'The Conversation' is a fitting introduction to an incredibly well written album, each three minute section giving birth to a more mature and measured version of the happy clappy indie pop rock from the mid 2000s.

A follow up to the award winning album 'Strike A Match', which received critical acclaim across the board for its distinct pop sound, this explores much the same lyrical and musical themes as the first and not so much a new album, but almost like a re-examination of the first to eke more out of it.

A collaboration from Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rogers, this is an album doesn’t really deviate from it’s established rhythms and sounds, the occasional horn here and there to evoke a whisper of Ska music with similar tempo and interesting riffs and rhythms throughout. Every song a well constructed and focused piece, an almost methodical exploration of how to create a perfect version of this type of song. But one which has been disappointingly compressed in the post production to leave an album that though the music lovers will enjoy picking it apart and listening again, I fear may struggle to hold everyone's attention from start to finish.

Ultimately its a good collection of songs but as an album it can feel slight. The compression in the production and the lack of any significant deviations in the melodies means that you can too easily just slide through from start to finish without realising that you'd even had it on in the first place.

There is a lot to unpick if you have the time, and it's summery vibes are perfect for its May release - definitely a band one would want to see at 4pm, beer in hand at a small tent at a sunny Shambala stage, but not necessarily the epic resonance of a major mainstage.

Sacred Paws feel like they have figured out how people listen to music ie. as part of playlists rather than albums, and have set out to write a collection of songs that will fit perfectly into the popular picks in your three minute indie summery vibe playlist, a place where a fair few will nestle in nicely.


Words: Christopher Spring

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