s a r a s a r a – a m o r f a t i

Thrilling future funk riddled with a sense of mysterious terror...

This is not one for those with a nervous disposition, unless you want to funk.

From the intro, to the cover art, right to the final beat this album could set the scene of a futuristic haunted house. Sending shivers down your spine from both the twisted lyrics, but also the perfectly executed vocals, s a r a s a r a is giving us something that artists have only touched upon. FKA Twigs did it with ‘Glass And Patron’ and if you imagine that she’s suddenly possessed by demons, you’d just about get the gist of the album.

The eleven-tracker is held together with infectious underlays, whilst the lyrics give you fear to stop listening. Seemed fillers like ‘Purpleblue’ and ‘Wonderland’ slow the pace down, allowing you to come back to reality, whilst ‘Sun’ will make you want to sleep with the light on. But it’s the sci-fi, paranormal nature of the album that is simply what makes it so stand-alone in this electro-filled music world.

Complexity shines through ‘Euphoria,’ with oriental overtones plaguing the single whilst still leaving the mystery that lurks throughout. This album is the aural experience of when you were younger, would watch a scary film and then relive it for days to come. Whether you want to or not, you’re not forgetting this release any time soon.

However the most thrilling part of this audio experience is that it’s only her debut. Simply supplying evidence that she’s only going to return and keep shocking us more.


Words: Mollie Mansfield

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