Main Stage, Saturday 5:30

With The Jarmans finally getting their dues as one of the best bands in Blighty, it seems only logical they are granted a place on this year’s main stage, even if they pander to the mainstream like a Pitbull to a teddy.

Their anti-conformist attitudes have certainly never darted their knack at pulling out amazing sets, and today is certainly no different. Opening with a double whammy of pop-punk perfection in the mould of ‘Our Bovine Public’ and ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant’, it merely makes you wish they were granted a headline slot (can we have that in writing for next year please, Fatboy?).

Rolling out the classics (‘Mirror Kissers’, ‘Another Number’, ‘I’ve Tried Everything’) yet peppering their set with as much bite and avant-garde noise as is expected from a band who cite Huggy Bear as a core influence. Sonic Youth’s Lee Ronaldo sadly doesn’t appear for ‘Be Safe’, but the spirit certainly remains.

Rumours of a Johnny Marr appearance also don’t materialise, but who cares? The Cribs are still one of the best out there by a million miles. Ryan grates his guitar against his amp and they end their set in a wave of feedback-drenched noise as the mainstage sunbathers choke on their Spritzers. As we said, the spirit remains.

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