Main stage, Sun 8pm

“Probably the nicest evening ever” and The Editors front man Tom Smith was certainly not wrong. The Sun was shining all day and as it gradually began to set, hundreds of powerful Editors fans congregated towards the main stage to hail their heroes of rock.

Having seen The Editors entertain smaller crowds at smaller venues, I was sceptical as to what I was to expect and my doubts grew as I watched performances from The Dykeenies and The Cribs. This cynicism that I had developed disappeared and I could not escape the absolute joy of watching one of the best British bands.

Epic Editors tracks such as ‘Munich’ and ‘Push’ were blasted through the air on a tidal wave of pushy bass lines, bouncy drums, hypnotically piercing guitar and Smiths outstandingly low vocal range. They really are true festival anthems that kept those genuine and newly adopted Editors fans partying into the night. Throughout their set they maintained an intense stage presence, Smiths singing did not falter and their dynamic and individual qualities shone through, making them probably the best act of the weekend.

It is safe to say, each time I have had the joy of being able to see The Editors live they just keep on getting better and Rockness was no different. Their performance was savage. Emotion filled and found new fans among the sea of festival goers. Their anthems really are made for larger crowds and the outdoors. For me, having another opportunity the see them play live really made my monster weekend.

Other highlights of my weekend included a variety of acts that catered for every music fans needs, such as Pendulum, The Twang and the man himself Fatboy Slim. Watching Fatboy Slim perform is a show in its own right as you can see that he really loves what he is doing and when you throw in his legendary tracks, you really cannot get any better than this. Tracks such as ‘Right Here, Right Now’ and ‘Praise You’ never get old and always seem to bring out that inner dj, but the highlight for me was when he played ‘The Automatic’ and ‘Monster.’ The setting and the song were completely spot on.

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